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We specialize in strong, flavorful beers made with the best organic ingredients. Click above to see what's currently available!

American-style ales

Double IPA (9.1% abv) - Double International Pale Ale dry-hopped with New Zealand Taiheke – juicy mango, papaya and passion fruit aromas, lean crackery malt and dry finish.
Double Red Ale (9.3% abv) - A punk-rock riff on our Double IPA featuring Munich malt and unrefined sugar for a richer, maltier profile and a deep red hue.
Grand Stout (9.8% abv) - Rich graininess, hints of plum and flavors of dark chocolate and espresso with moderate bitterness; finishes dry with a clean alcohol note.
Grand Porter - Cocoa, bread crust and hints of plum balanced by gently bitter herbal hops; weightless and dry.
Extra Blonde Ale - Made simply with organic pilsner malt and organic New Zealand Taiheke hops, for a big, bold, fruity, balanced, crisp summer barleywine-style ale!
American Barleywine (11.4% abv) - Bright aromas of pomelo and blackberry with rich candied sugar and cake malt flavor; finishes warm and dry with smooth bitterness.
Ryewine - A big and spicy rye beer, with toasty rye-bread notes, silky body and a light fruitiness.
Wheatwine (10.2% abv) - Orange and vanilla aromas from Bravo hops, with a grainy and nutty malt character and a dry finish.

Belgian-style ales

Belgian-Style DIPA - Our Double IPA brewed with Belgian Chouffe Yeast!
Dubbel (7.2% abv) - Belgian-style Dubbel. Bready malt, lightly floral and fruity, crisp, light and dry.
Tripel (9.2% abv) - Pear, white pepper and clove fermentation notes with floral and orange marmalade hop flavor atop honey-like malt; dry, low bitterness.
Dark Strong Ale (11% abv) - Big and dark, this Belgian-style ale has notes of black cherry, creme brulee, allspice, warming alcohol, and a smooth dry finish.
Golden Strong Ale - Golden, clear, crisp and bubbly, with notes of herbal hops, and hints of lightly fruity/oaky sauv blanc. Very dry finish.
Kaves (10.8% abv) - A historic Belgian-style from Lier. Brewed with 30% raw oats and wheat from Meadowlark Organics farm. Its light amber hue comes from an extended boil, Subtle pear esters and floral alcohol notes compliment the candy-like notes and grainy malt bill.
Goedt Bier (8.3% abv) - Historic Beligian-Style from Gent. Monastic yeast shines with notes of cherry skin, pear & white pepper with fluffy malt base derived from organic raw wheat & spelt from Meadowlark Farm in Ridgeway, WI.
Bier de Miel - Strong Belgian-style ale brewed with honey. Bright floral aromas with notes of melons, and spices. Gentle lemon and orange peel with a dry grainy finish.
Antwerps Gerstebier (8% abv) - A historic Belgian-style ale brewed with raw oats, wheat and spelt. Light spice and fruitiness from the yeast is balanced by gentle graininess and hop bitterness with a dry, effervescent finish and smooth texture.
A small (for us) Belgian-style Blonde ale that we used to test our new-to-us bottling line. This special brew is light and grainy, with restrained apricot fruit notes and light spiciness from the Belgian yeast! An easy, smooth drinker!
Belgian-Style Blonde (7.2% abv) - Pillowy malt with gentle spiciness. Crisp and refreshing with a dry finish.
This beer celebrates years of crafting partnerships and looks towards a future of locally grown beers. Brewed with raw oats and wheat from Meadowlark Organics in Ridgeway. Adding a base of organic pilsner malt yields a bright and lightly creamy beer. Sumac and spruce tips from Harmony Valley Farm in Viroqua combine with coriander and a Belgian wit yeast to add floral, spicy and citrus notes.
Quadrupel (10.8% abv) - Rich Munich malts pair with Belgian yeast creating a depth of dark fruit and spice with a smooth alcohol note and dry finish.
Dubbel Diest (7% abv) - A stronger nineteenth century style from Diest, Belgium featuring 300 lbs of raw spelt, plus 100 lbs of oats from Meadowlark Organics in Ridgeway, WI, this is most local GJ beer to date! Spelt gives a light black tea and orange character, while oats provide body. The key to this style is boiling the wort x4 longer than most beers; this brew was boiled for over 6 hours! This extensive boil turn what would have been a pale yellow grainy beer into a chestnut colored beer with deep nutty and toasty flavors. A Belgian Witbier yeast lends a light fruity and spicy note to this smooth brew.


Burton Ale (9.1% abv) - Biscuit leads with notes of daisy, mint and black currant.
British-Style Barleywine (11.3% abv) - Biscuity malt with a distinct but gentle bitterness; notes of fig, plum, and red currants; orange zest with a hint of cinnamon.
English-Style IPA (7,2% abv) - A refreshing, obviously English beer presents rich fruit & grain flavors in a dry, pleasantly bitter context reminiscent of a golden amaro. notes of orange, pineapple and fresh flowers, with a distinctive, crisp bitterness.
Doppelsticke Altbier (9.4% abv) - Strong, Northern German-style altbier. Toasty & nutty, herbal hop character & distinct bitterness, 3 weeks cold-conditioning for a clean, lager-like impression.
Biere de Garde Ambree (7.3% abv) - Toasty with restrained orange peel, pineapple & white pepper notes from hops & fermentation; medium-low bitterness & dry finish.
This classic French-style ale, refined by extended cold conditioning, conjures yellow stone fruits, woody herbs and light pastries, before giving way to a crisp dry finish.
Pale Weizenbock (7.8% abv) - Bready malt with notes of green banana, clove & nutmeg.
Dark Weizenbock (8.4% abv) - A strong German-style wheat beer. Clove aromas lead with rich bready malt and banana complexity.
Kornol (7.4% abv) - Tropical rays from the Norwegian kveik yeast and a gentle prickle from local spruce and hops.
Scotch Ale (10.8% abv) - Rich malt presents notes of raisin, dried cherry, candied sugar, and bran muffin. Just a touch of dark toast and clear alcohol note keep it balanced. Dry finish with candy and cherry notes linger along with a pleasant warmth.
The biggest of Irish-style stouts, showcasing rich coffee-like roast flavors, notes of dark fruit & a profound graininess; creamy, dry finish.
Tropical Stout (8.2% abv) - Lighter-bodied, dry and lightly roasty stout developed in the Tropics for warm-weather drinking, with fruity notes to complement the dark malt and roasted flavors.
Breslau Schoeps - This Polish-style wheat ale has notes of orange and toasted wheat. Unlike German-style wheat beers, this style features a neutral yeast character.
Sahti - Our version of this Finnish-style ale: malted barley and raw rye from Meadowlark Organics filter through Harmony Valley Farm spruce tips; hops steep in raw wort - not boiled; followed by a spicy & fruity fermentation with a Weizen yeast strain!
Canadian-Style Spruce Beer (7.4% abv) - Brewed using Canadian malts and spruce tips from Harmony Valley Farm in Viroqua, WI. This woodsy, warming concoction is a smooth spring sipper.
Koźlak (7.9% abv) - Koźlak is a Polish-style bock. Malt forward, clean and crisp this amber-colored lager naturally carbonated during its extended tank time. Gentle herb and spice notes from the Polish Marynka hops add a light complexity, balanced with notes of stone fruit from the malt.
Maibock (7.7% abv) - German-style strong golden lager. Delicate malty complexity softens the spicy German Hallertauer Tradition hops. Balanced and crisp. “Maibock could be YOURbock!”

Past Collaboration Brews

3rd Anniversary Collaboration with Star Liquor.
2nd Anniversary Collaboration with Brasserie V & Longtable.
Collaboration with Bos Meadery. Soft barley, floral honey, and roasted grains provide a light fruitiness with a gentle edge.
Collaboration with Bos Meadery
Collaboration with Working Draft Beer Company
Brewed as a companion to complement Awildan’s barreled Genever, the Canadian Munich malt and spruce tips from Harmony Valley Farm in Viroqua, WI play on the malty, juniper, and botanical notes from this barrel-aged spirit. This woodsy, warming concoction can be enjoyed together, or on their own!
Pride IPA (8.5% abv) - Our first collaboration with our friends at Delta Beer Lab! (To-Go 16oz Cans)
Barrel-Aged Strong Ale (11% abv) - This limited-edition brew marks a milestone for Giant Jones Brewing, representing their inaugural venture into barrel-aged beers. Aged in State Line Distillery's American Single Malt Whiskey barrels, this collaboration has created a beer that's truly one-of-a-kind.

Community Brews

Thank You! (SOLD OUT)
Check out the story on Channel 3!

Credible Pale Ale
A small (4.3% abv) beer, doing big things!
With your help, we raised over $8,000 for the Dane County Rape Crisis Center!
We were motivated to take action to support those who have been harmed by sexual violence in our communities, and as women in the beer industry, we felt like brewing and selling a beer was a great place to start.
In 2018, Giant Jones Brewing brewed a batch of beer we are called “Credible.”
100% of brewery sales of Credible Pale Ale were donated to the Dane County Rape Crisis Center.

We have donated over $4,500 since June, 2020 to Freedom Inc with proceeds from the Black is Beautiful Beer.

>>Black is Beautiful Initiative & Giant Jones in the News

Black is Beautiful Details
The Black is Beautiful initiative is aimed at raising awareness of the injustices that many people of color face daily. As part of the initiative, we will donate 100% of proceeds from this beer to Freedom, Inc – right here in Madison! Learn more about Freedom Inc –
The beer was designed to highlight the beauty of various hues of malt. The deep caramel of Crystal 120, the rich brown of Chocolate malt, and the profound complexity of Black malt.
Learn more: