British-Style Barleywine

Idris Gawr surveys existence atop this gentle peak: is that fig & plum mingled among the biscuits? that soft brightness; orange zest & cinnamon with a touch of red currants? everything deep, nothing brash; wonder & beauty!
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abv range:

  • 10.1-10.3

process notes

  • RO water plus CaCl in mash, NaCl & MgSO4 in kettleĀ 
  • Mash to reduce protein and for dryness with rests at 51 C, 62 C, and 68 C
  • Pitch temp 62-64 F, keep below 69 F for 48 hours, then let free rise
  • Final gravity ~4.5 P

tasting notes

Rich malt just dominates with impressions of plum, quick bread, golden syrup, rum, and challah. Marmalade and daisy hop flavor and a medium bitterness balance the malt and increase drinkability. Mostly dry finish, with dark fruits and rich bread lingering along with a bit of bitterness and orangey hops.

Similar to:

scotch ale, burton ale, doppelsticke altbier

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