Giant Jones 411

At Giant Jones Brewing, we brew big beers for everyone!

We make flavorful, high abv beers (7% abv and up), that will capture your imagination and your heart.

We’re an independent, woman-owned, certified organic craft brewery located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's only Certified Organic Brewery

When we started Giant Jones, we had a few guiding convictions:

1) We wanted to make delicious beer.

2) We were going to be certified organic.

We had our first organic inspection less than 6 months after opening, and became certified organic in 2019! (Read about it in Edible Madison

Organic agriculture means farming that focuses on soil and ecosystem regeneration, biodiversity, and conservation, rather than relying on resource extraction or chemical inputs. As a food processing company (beer is foodstuff), this means traceability and transparency in our ingredient sourcing as well as production processes. 

Knowing where each of our ingredients are coming from and that the producers are following the same set of standards. Not only that, each producer in our supply chain is also verified and vetted by a third party to ensure the integrity of the final product. 

Each year we undergo an organic inspection, in which we demonstrate traceability of all our inputs to ensure they comply with the National Organic Standards. And occasionally there are surprise inspections!

We don’t do this because it’s easy, we do it because we want our big beers to make a big and positive impact on our environment. Thanks for supporting organic beer by drinking Giant Jones!


Re-usable & returnable bottles

Did you know – Giant Jones beer bottles are returnable?!

It doesn’t matter where you purchased our beer, pease bring your empty Giant Jones bottles back to the brewery for a $0.25/bottle credit!  Please rinse with water 3 times before returning. We will do the rest: clean, sanitize & reuse them!

Learn more about our returnable bottle program, featured on NBC15 news

Sustainability partners

We are excited to partner with others who are committed to renewing and sustaining our environment! Check out our amazing partners, join-up, and renew your own commitment to our shared future! 

Where does all that brewers grain go? Our friends from Enos Farms pick-up the spent grains to supplement their pastured hogs’ diets. Located in Spring Green, their pork has a smaller carbon footprint, tastes delicious, and can be picked up right here at the brewery! Read all about Enos Farms in Edible Madison.

Harmony Valley Farm has over 40 years of experience growing organic food, and bringing high quality, organic produce to our community!

We are excited that not only do they love organic beer, they have added new crops to their certification, including hops, spruce tips and sumac! Look for these local ingredients in our products this year!

We’ve started making historical styles that utilize unmalted grains so that we can source from Meadowlark Organics.

We’ve used Meadowlark’s spelt, rye, wheat, and oats in beers such as our Kaves, Antwerps Gerstebier, and Goedt Bier. We look forward to making these beers again as well as adding new beers featuring their grains!

artisan grain collaborative

Giant Jones is a member of the Artisan Grain Collaborative, a network of farmers, millers, maltsters, bakers, chefs, food manufacturers, brewers, distillers, researchers, and advocates working together to promote a regenerative grainshed in the Upper Midwest.

Through this network, we hope to increase the availability of regional grains we use in our beers through developing relationships with farmers, and the infrastructure needed to bring regional grains to your glass! 

Check out the AGC!