Grand Porter

Amphitrite plays like cold brew with gentle waves of coco and coffee before opening into depths of blackberry and hazelnut as one wades in further.
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ABV Range:

  • 8.7-9.1

Process Notes

  • Cold steep black malt overnight (½ gallon water per pound); strain and add at whirlpool 
  • Mash for dryness; rests at 62 C and 68 C 
  • RO water plus CaCl in mash, NaCl & MgSO4 in kettle 
  • Cold steep black extract added before hops at whirlpool 
  • Pitch temp 62-64 F, keep below 69 F for 48 hours, then let free rise
  • Final gravity ~ 4.4 P

Tasting Notes

Plays like a cup of cold brew coffee made with natural process beans – all coming from the malt! Coco, blackberries, coffee and hazelnut play out front with undertones of fresh herbs, oak, blueberry and plum; gently bitter and finishes mostly dry.

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