Grand Stout

Gaia grounds with an earthy roastiness, yielding bountiful stone fruit flavors.

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abv range:

  • 9-9.9

Process notes

  • Black malt added at vorlauf 
  • Mash for dryness; rests at 62 C and 68 C 
  • RO water plus CaCl in mash, NaCl & MgSO4 in kettle 
  • Cold steep black extract added before hops at whirlpool 
  • Pitch temp 62-64 F, keep below 69 F for 48 hours, then let free rise
  • Final gravity ~ 4.6 P

Tasting Notes

Plum and fig notes bring brightness to deeper espresso-like flavor; toast and dark bread crust notes fill out the middle. Hops enhance fruity character of munich and black malts and accent gently bitter edge of beer. Finishes mostly dry with fruity dark chocolate flavor lingering.

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