Burton Ale

Boudica summons fresh biscuits with marmalade in a field of daisies, defying supposedly dominant trends.
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ABV range:

  • 8.4-8.8

Process notes

  • RO water plus 75:25 CaCl : CaSO4 ratio in mash, NaCl & MgSO4 in kettleĀ 
  • Mash to reduce protein and for dryness with rests at 51 C, 62 C, and 68 C
  • Pitch temp 62-64 F, keep below 69 F for 48 hours, then let free rise
  • Final gravity ~4 P

Tasting notes

Biscuit leads with notes of daisy, marmalad, mint and black currant. Roughly even malt-hop balance is at once rich and crisp. Dry finish is accentuated by moderate bitterness and slightly coarse biscuit flavor. Marmalade flavor lingers along with a touch of malt and daisy.

Similar to:

Doppelsticke Altbier, Tripel, British-style Barleywine