Scotch Ale

Benandonner belies strength with a tender malt embrace.
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abv range:

  • 10.3-10.8

tasting notes

Rich malt presents notes of raisin, dried cherry, candied sugar, and bran muffin. Just a touch of dark toast and clear alcohol note keep it balanced. Dry finish with candy and cherry notes linger along with a pleasant warmth.

Processing notes

  • RO water plus CaCl in mash, NaCl & MgSO4 in kettle 
  • Roasted barley added at vorlauf 
  • Mash to reduce protein and for dryness with rests at 51 C, 62 C, and 68 C
  • Pitch temp 58-60 F, keep below 65 F for 48 hours, then let free rise
  • Final gravity ~4.5 P

Similar To:

British-style Barleywine, Doppelsticke Altbier, Dark Strong Ale

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