12 Beers of Winter

We’ve saved up some special beers to share with you this winter! 

With something for everyone, this box makes a great gift or shared activity during those cold winter nights. 

The box includes 12, 500ml bottles of organic beer!

A limited number of these boxes are available through Giant Jones and at a select number of retail partners including : Star Liquor, Steve’s Liquor (University), and Willy Street Co-op (West)  in Madison, and McFarland Liquors in McFarland. 

Click the links below for beer descriptions and information. 

  • Grand Stout – Rich graininess, hints of plum, dark chocolate, and espresso; moderate bitterness with dry finish.
  • Wheatwine – Last made for our 2nd anniversary in 2020, this strong American Wheat Ale features notes of orange zest, fresh orange juice, vanilla and medium bitterness. Nutty, bready malt character with a dry finish.
  • British BarleywineBiscuity malt with a distinct but gentle bitterness; notes of fig, plum, and red currants; orange zest with a hint of cinnamon
  • Burton AleBiscuit leads with notes of daisy, mint and black currant.
  • Dubble Diest – A stronger nineteenth century style from Diest, Belgium featuring 300 lbs of raw spelt, plus 100 lbs of oats from Meadowlark Organics in Ridgeway, WI, this is most local GJ beer to date! Spelt gives a light black tea and orange character, while oats provide body. The key to this style is boiling the wort 4 times longer than most beers; this brew was boiled for over 6 hours! This extensive boil turns what would have been a pale yellow grainy beer into a chestnut colored beer, with deep nutty and toasty flavors. A Belgian Witbier yeast lends a light fruity and spicy note to this smooth brew.
  • Scotch AleLucious malt candy with dry finish.
  • Double Red AleA punk-rock riff on our Double IPA featuring Munich malt and unrefined sugar for a richer, maltier profile and a deep red hue.
  • American BarleywineBright aromas of pomelo and blackberry with rich candied sugar and cake malt flavor; finishes warm and dry with smooth bitterness.
  • Quadrupel – Rich Munich malts pair with Belgian yeast creating a depth of dark fruit and spice with a smooth alcohol note and dry finish.
  • TripelOur Belgian-style Tripel. Pear, white pepper & clove fermentation notes w/ floral and orange marmalade hop flavor atop honey-like malt; dry, low bitterness.
  • Dark Weizenbock – A strong German-style wheat beer. Clove aromas lead with rich bready malt and banana complexity.
  • Paint It Black Braggot – After 3-years, our black braggot returns! Pillowy barley, floral honey, and roasted grains provide complementing fruitiness with a gentle edge. Inspired by Giant Jones Extra Stout and Bos Meadery’s Wildflower mead, this Braggot is a celebration of great neighbors!