Barleywine Fest!


Giant Jones Barleywine Fest is the 4th Saturday of March, always and forever. It is THE greatest day of the year!

Thank you so much for being here. We appreciate your love and dedication to the beautiful beer style we all know; barleywine.


Giant Jones Barleywines being featured today:

(GONE) #1 – Batch #1 Barleywine (2018) 10.9% abv : The very first batch through our brewhouse, because when you are ultimately a barleywine brewery you might as well just go for it! Featuring German munich malt plus a blend of centennial & pacific gem like a typical batch of GJ American Barleywine, all put through an unrepeatable process. A 10 hour lauter, with less yield than desired, that was first-wort-hopped for the expected yield – we learned a lot that day (that became overnight). Yet, walking home just before dawn, once the yeast was pitched, Jessica said, “Well, that went rather well.” Shocked, Erika exclaimed, “Oh? Tell me more about that…” In all hope and optimism, Jessica said, “We made beer, and if it’s drinkable we can legally sell it to strangers. That’s like the whole thing!”

(GONE) #2 – Wheatwine (5/17/20) 9.1% abv : A collaboration with Brasserie V & Longtable to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. Over half wheat malt, with nutty American munich malt and bravo hops. This beer has continued to get more complex as it ages in stainless steel.

#3 – British-Style Barleywine (1/26/23) 10.8% abv : This year’s batch of British Barleywine is so smooth – people seem to be catching on:) This recipe has 55 lbs of Chateau biscuit malt blended into the ⅓ Dingemans munich malt to enrich the ⅔ Warminster Pale Ale malt – still loads of First Gold hops.

(GONE) #4 – British-Style Barleywine (1/14/20) 10.2% abv : ⅔ Warminster Marris Otter malt, ⅓ fruity Dingemans munich malt and loads of First Gold hops. This was the first batch of British-style Barleywine!

(GONE) #5 – American Barleywine (11/7/22) 10.4% abv : ⅔ Proximity Pilsner malt and ⅓ Gambrinus munich with 10 lbs centennial hops, this year’s batch is super smooth. Looking for a vertical tasting – try Batch one, this batch and the 2020 American to note the differences that time and context make!

(GONE) #6 – American Barleywine (2/11/20) 10.2% abv : Brewed in January of 2020…little did we know what was to come. Luckily we had this beauty to help us get through the early days of the pandemic! ⅔ Great Western two-row malt and ⅓ Weyermann munich with 10 lbs centennial hops & a sprinkle of Pacific Gems.

#7 – Ryewine (2/28/23) 11% abv : We loved our first batch so much, we brought it back. This year’s batch has 22% rye malt. Deceptively smooth, with a silky, velvety mouthfeel from the rye. Erika thinks the rye brings the perfect balance of pink peppercorn, floral and grassy – heralding warmer spring weather to come!

#8 -Ryewine (3/1/22) 10.4% abv : Brewed as a collaboration with Starkweather Brewing. Built to shine a spotlight on the 21% rye malt – that’s a lot of rye, btw! – in the grist. The rest is American pale malt, English pale ale malt plus a touch of melanoidin malt. There’s also Pacific Gem hops – big surprise!

(GONE) #9 – Extra Blonde Ale (5/31/22) 10.9% abv : Released summer 2022 because we wanted barleywine in the summer, and boy did we trick everyone into drinking barleywine (even though it was hot outside!!)! We call this a blonde barleywine, and it is so smooth and crisp. Lighter in body than some of the other barleywines, it really plays well as a refreshing sipper for porch sitting times! You can expect the return of this summer 2023! Yay summer barleywine! Proximity Pilsner malt and Taiheke hops.

Guest Barleywines:

(GONE) #10 – Delta Beer Lab J. Henry Bourbon BA Barleywine (2021) 11.9% abv : 2-year J. Henry and Sons Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine (BA-BW’21)! This winter warmer comes in at a smooth 11.9% ABV with flavors of caramel and toffee, notes of raisin, and a touch of molasses.

#11 – Vintage Brewing Company BA Deville Belgo Barleywine (2019) ~10% abv : A blend of barrel aged barleywines; part aged in apple brandy barrels and part aged in a tawny port barrel that was then used to finish bourbon.

#12 – Vintage Brewing Company Grain Train Kveik Barleywine (2020) 10% abv : This beer was brewed to commemorate their 10 year anniversary in 2020. Rich toffee and stone fruit notes begin to emerge from a heavy veil of hoppy citrus/pine, with bitterness and alcohol warmth beginning to mellow. This distinctive ale is purpose-built for extended aging.

#13 – Full Mile Beer Co. Ol’ Slap & Tickle English-Style Barleywine (2021) 11.7% abv : Aged in Four Roses Bourbon barrels for just over one year this big, smooth, deep amber colored English-style ale is the perfect nightcap or sipped on next to the fireplace in our pub. English Maris Otter base malt lends a deep, sweet, caramel-like base that melds with the vanilla, toast, bourbon and oak from the extended stay in the bourbon barrels.

#14 – The Great Dane Old Scratch Barleywine (2023) 9.5% abv : An ale brewed strong (i.e. to an alcohol strength comparable to wine) is called a barleywine. This year’s offering pays homage to its English roots, using traditional English ingredients. Starting with a simple malt bill using English Marris Otter malt with a touch of caramel malt provides a straightforward, rich malty base to support layers complexity. English Fuggle hops add fruity, herbal notes. Then the ale yeast imparts lots of fruity esters, contributing to the rich aromatic character. Initially strong notes of fruit dominate in the glass, but as it warms notes toasty malt come out in the complex aroma. Though on the lighter side for a barleywine, body is full and luscious, with the malt sweetness balanced by the generous hop additions, making it an easy sipper with lots of character.

#15 – Capital Brewery Hunerd N’Aleven Barleywine (2022) 10.9% abv : Barleywine style ale brewed with American, Munich, and Caramel malts. Gently hopped with American hop varieties to balance the huge malt content. This big, malty beer clocks in at an original gravity of 111 (S.G.). Fruity esters blend with Malty, bready, and raisin flavors along with a slight heat from the higher ABV. A perfect sipping beer for when you’re relaxing on a cold winter’s night! 83 IBU

#16 – Sahale Ale Works Feelin’ Fine Barleywine (2023) 9.3% abv : Our version of a British-style Barleywine, that is a bit drier for the style, leading to a little more drinkability. Nutty, caramel and biscuit notes lead to warming alcohol sweetness. This one will make ya feel fine!

#17 – Starkweather Brewing Co. Friend Request – Don British Barleywine (2022) 8.5% abv : Suggested to brewer Peter by friend Don Griffin, this is a classic English style Barleywine.

(GONE) #18 – Lakefront Brewery Black Friday Barleywine (2019) 14.8% abv : This is a big, chewy Barleywine aged in Bourbon Barrels with notes of caramel, brown sugar, vanilla, almond, and oak.

#19 – Karben4 Brewing Priest Prophet & King BA Barleywine (2023) 9.7% abv : 2023 PPK has been aged in a wide range of barrels, everything from Port wine to Bourbon, corn whiskey to young rye. Though the blend creates a vintage experience, the familiar promise of a lavishly malty barley wine is held true. You will love the caramel, figs, currants, raisin, and stone fruit flavors as they meld with the delicate highlights of the individual barrels