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Credible Pale Ale

A small (4.3% abv) beer, doing big things!

We were motivated to take action to support those who have been harmed by sexual violence in our communities, and as women in the beer industry, we felt like brewing and selling a beer was a great place to start.

Giant Jones Brewing has brewed a batch of beer we are calling “Credible.”

100% of brewery sales of Credible benefit the Rape Crisis Center!

Check out the story on Channel 3 News!

Year Round

IIPA – bright juicy hops atop lean grainy malt

Rotating Seasonals

Dark Weizenbock (Fall/Winter)

Pale Weizenbock (Spring/Summer)

Grand Stout (Winter/Spring)

Grand Porter (Summer/Fall)

British-Style Barleywine (Winter)

American Barleywine (Spring)

Belgian-Style Barleywine (Summer)

Scotch Ale (Fall)